Dynamic Solar Panel Cleaner – 200 litre drum

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Highly concentrated, water-based detergent for photovoltaic solar panels cleaning

  • Efficient in use. Add 100ml to 5litres of water or set the dosing to 2% addition.
  • Biodegradable
  • Restores solar energy absorption capacity maximally
  • Safe for your solar panels. No danger of (glass) corrosion or swelling of seals and rubbers.
  • Packaging: 200 litre drum
  • 1 litre concentrate can clean 250m2 of cleaning surface
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Dynamic Solar Panel Cleaner is a highly concentrated, water-based cleaner for cleaning photovoltaic solar panels. Dynamic Solar Panel Cleaner is to be diluted with water.

Effectively removes dirt from glass surfaces such as smog, grease, bird stains, lime and other crystallized residues. Thanks to the surface-active formulation, an antistatic layer is left behind, so that dirt and dust adhere less quickly.
Dynamic Solar Panel Cleaner gives longer washing intervals and optimum efficiency of your solar panels. Dynamic Solar Panel Cleaner also cleans aluminum frames and rubber seals without the risk of corrosion and swelling.

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