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Solar Cleaning Supplies is a reliable partner of cleaning companies, solar panels installers and industries with their own installation and keeps a common objective in mind: everyone wants to get the best out of his investment. That’s why we collaborate closely with other companies that work with solar panels so that we can offer our customers the best solution. We hope to be of use for your company as well. Here below a couple of frequent asked technical questions related to the cleaning of solar panels with Dynamic Solar Panel Cleaner.


Can Dynamic Solar Panel Cleaner be used with a telescopic brush?

Dynamic Solar Panel Cleaner can be used with various cleaning methods. Even when using the telescopic brush, the protective layer against fine dirt is correctly applied. You do not have to change your cleaning method if you are using such a brush already.

What is the difference between a product like Dynamic Solar Panel Cleaner and cleaning with purified water?

An important difference between Dynamic Solar Panel Cleaner and purified water is that purified water is a cleaning product originally used for cleaning of glass and that is now also used for solar panels. This demineralised water rapidly and efficiently absorbs fine dust and rinses it away but the procedure also has its disadvantages: the big advantage of purified water (not leaving any traces) is of little importance when cleaning solar panels. Moreover, our product only uses one third of the tap water for the cleaning. Whether you use purified water or not, the choice is yours and depends on your company and your installation- in any case, Dynamic Solar Panel Cleaner will not impact the dirt absorbing capacity of the purified water and the purified water will prepare your panels for the protective coating applied with Dynamic Solar Panel Cleaner. Thanks to this combination you’re sure to get the highest photovoltaic capacity out your panels.

Is Dynamic Solar Panel Cleaner safe for the environment?

The pH value of Dynamic Solar Panel Cleaner is lower than that of detergents. This product is a healthy solution for your installation and the environment because Dynamic Solar Panel Cleaner is biodegradable in accordance with the European law (EC648/2004) and can therefore be evacuated via the regular water pipes.